29 / 11 / 2022

Summer notable women's jewelry with big deals at Etsy!

 Summer notable women's jewelry with big deals at Etsy!

Are you ready be different a woman? If you need a change for your life, you can look summer women's jewelry with natural, handmade and reduced prices in Etsy. All details...


 Summer notable women

These campaign is including a lot of rings, ankle bracelets, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Furthurmore, these jewelrys are made handmade, natural stone and gold. How much are these products prices?

Here are the pretty and discounted summer women’s jewelry price list:

  • Diamond Solitaire Heart Ring,14K Solid Gold Heart Stone Solitaire Ring,0.50 Carat Heart Stone Ring, Diamond Heart Cut Price:$923.73
  • Deals price : $646.61
  • Bohemian Style Anklet, Gold Evil Eye,Summer Beach Gift,14K Gold Plated Beach Foot Chain Price:$28.85
  • Deals price : $25.96
  • Tiny Bow-Knot Stud Earrings • Minimalist Handmade Jewelry Price:$24.98
  • Deals price : $14.99
  • 5mm Pearl Beaded Drop Earrings for Women, Dainty 18K Gold Plated Hoop Earrings, Statement Earirngs Summer Jewelry Anniversary Gift for Her Price:$26.99
  • Deals price : $10.80
  • Birth Flower Ring, Birthstone Open Ring, Personalized Flower Ring, Summer jewerly, Danity Delicate Flower Ring Price:$53.89
  • Deals price : $26.94
  • Handmade Hammered Band 24K gold Over 925K silver Ancient Design Natural Carnelian Earrings Summer Gift Price:$89.99
  • Deals price : $27.00
  • Personalized Birthday Gift,Birth Flower Name Necklace,Floral Necklace,Minimalist Necklace,Handmade Jewelry Price:$51.00
  • Deals price : $25.50
  • Swimming Against The Current. Sterling HOOP earrings. School of fish with one golden enameled fish swimming upstream. Summer gift for her Price:$40.28
  • Deals price : $34.23
  • Handmade Designer Natural Aquamarine Stud Earrings 24K Gold Over 925K Sterling Silver, Roman Art Price:$79.99
  • Deals price : $24.00
  • Handmade Czech Glass Mushroom 18K Earrings • Minimalist Earrings • Share the Love • Summer Jewelry Price:$31.93
  • Deals price : $23.95
  • Blue Chalcedony Stacking Ring - 925 Silver Ring - 3 Stacking Ring Set -Chalcedony Ring - Cabochon Ring - Handmade Chalcedony silver Jewelry Price:$63.53
  • Deals price : $19.06
  • Handmade Natural Citrine Ring, Gemstone Ring, Yellow Vintage Ring, 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Price:$44.99
  • Deals price : $18.00
  • Diamond Dangle Ring, 14K star ring, Black Stone Hanging Ring Price:$323.16
  • Deals price : $226.21
  • Silver Baguette Birthstone Ring, 14K Baguette Ring Price:$45.94
  • Deals price : $32.16
  • Gold long earrings, gifts for her, minimalist, gold filled earrings Price:$21.26
  • Deals price : $17.00